The Apple Seed

The Apple Seed

🍎 The Apple Seed

An apple seed already knows that it contains all that it needs to become an apple tree.

It already has the ability to grow, to become and help sustain the life around it.

It does not yearn to be an avacado tree, because it is not meant to be. It is magnificent just like it is.

It only needs the right conditions to nourish then flourish into all that is within it.  Good soil, water and Sunshine are simple and free. 

It isn't an accident or incidental. When a seed is planted it is very intentional. A stepping stone to all that will come.

Once it becomes all that it is meant to be, it is abundant and can share with all those in need of its sustenance. It gives and is plentiful without bias.

Be an apple seed.. 🍎 ❤️

~Juliann~  The Hippie Place


This Oil Painting is available in our Decor section.  Also known as The Tree of Life.  Richest Blessings.

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